Cans’n Caps


Green Dot Awards 2011

  • Honorable Mention – Product Category

  • Honorable Mention – Concept Category

A’Design Award 2011

  • Golden Award- A’ Idea Design

International Design Awards 2011

  • Honorable Mention – Sustainable Living/Environmental Preservation

In the United States alone, 131 billion aluminum cans are produced annually in the world; unfortunately, only 50% of them are recycled. With Cans’n Caps project, simple promotional covers to be given beside box beverage packaging, aluminum can be transformed into various products such as spices, oil pan, piggy bank. Thus, packages can now be evaluated at home and public use areas instead of being thrown away. The project, which creates awareness through the dimension of social responsibility, gives the message of ‘think before you throw it’ by drawing attention to the wastes in the society.