Oral Injector


A’ Design Award 2013

  • Runner Up – A’ Scientific Instruments, Medical Devices and Research Equipment Design Category

In the absence of user-friendly products in the medical sector, a unique product was developed for children’s oral reception of liquid medication. Oral injector excels with its ergonomic structure and anti-slip rubber surface offering an easy grip and a better control of the appliance. In contrast with the scary image of current syringes permitting vascular access, this colored and varied form yet still reassuring the appliance prevents the possible anxiety in children and the aspiration of the medication during the practice. Besides its contribution to the precise dosing and regulation of required medication amount, the product assures to reduce the dosage loss to the minimum. It also pioneers among its equivalents as it avoids source-waste since the metal-ends of the existing syringes are thrown away. Oral injector also concerns about the hygiene and storage thanks to the double-head opportunity. Considering all the features, the product, consisting of an acrylic body and a rubber grip, is assumed to have a fairly reduced production cost.