A’ Design Award 2014

  • A’ Design Award – A’ Vehicle, Mobility and Transportation

Panfold is an innovative cookware system; designed for nature lovers on camping, picnic, climbing, fishing and any other outdoor activities. The portable cooking pan consists of aluminum alloy cast body, foldable legs, locking ring and foldable wooden handle while using aluminum foil pot as a food carrier. It has 25 cm long handle at total and the following dimensions of 14 cm width, 21 cm length and changing depth. Top flat surface with screw pitch and butterfly screw placed at the bottom provides the change in height, so; different depth of aluminum pots can be used in the system. The system performs with two different heat sources. In case of lack of wood bush, and for cooking with smaller pots the legs are folded and aluminum foil pot is placed on the legs. The food in the pot is cooked with gel fire which takes place on the top flat surface.