A’ Design Award 2013

  • Silver Award – A’ Sustainable Products, Projects and Green Design Category

Green Dot Awards 2010

  • 1st Prize – Other Category

International Design Awards 2010

  • 3rd Prize – Urban Sustainable Design Category

  • 3rd Prize – Rural Sustainable Design Category

Pet-Tree is a vertical eco-planting system with re-used PETs. The design consists of vertical placement of plastic PET bottles in a tree-like geometry. The system uses the water efficiently through the innovative water cycle using drip irrigation, and it does not waste any drip by collecting the rainwater. Pet-Tree provides a vertical and low-cost alternative to today’s greenhouses by providing high-volume farming in the narrow arena for multiple uses, allowing city users to grow organic fruit and vegetables at home. It is thought that the system will provide a new perspective as well as an easy installation, to facilitate plant breeding processes and to achieve economic water use targets that are becoming an increasingly important issue, as well as operational problems affecting today’s costs such as ease of maintenance.