Sasa Water Packaging


A’ Design Award 2015

  • Bronze  – Packaging Design

German Design Award 2016

  • Special Mention – Packaging Design

Designed for productizing of a new, BPA-free plastic material, the bottle family (product group) design for SASA Polyester is intended for the bottled water market in Turkey. Aiming to express the innovative characteristics of its material and brand image, the structural design builds an identity through the distinctive use of form, color, shapes, and patterns. The results reflect an aesthetic, sturdy and tangible bottle with a superior taste. Targeted at a high-end use, the product group will be available exclusively in restaurants and upper segment supermarkets. The design employs a unique form comprised of a circular profile that smoothly turns into a super-circle shape. Therefore, beyond the aesthetics, the form allows increasing volume in a certain space with its square-like bottom. The bottle is available for reusing and refilling through deposit system so it is a more sustainable alternative to PET or glass water packages.