SK Teknoloji MK6


MK6 is an assistive robot developed to help with library management tasks. As part of Farabi Integrated Library System, MK6 the robot manages tasks such as automatic counting, searching and locating, reporting misplaced books and helping checkouts. The robot is able to give a tour for guests and protocol; lead users in the library or guide them verbally to help them find the books they are searching. Farabi Integrated Library System digitizes collections – mainly precious manuscripts from Ottoman era – through Optical Character Recognition and makes them available online for public access. Library management is enabled via RFID tagging and tracking. A neutral look with basic forms and colors palette is aimed for the visual design language. Anthropomorphism approach was adopted in a simplistic way to avoid kitsch human-like physical features. Proportions were balanced by reducing the height, which also helped to have a friendlier look. Wheels are covered in the main body and became less visible.