Solar Taksi


International Design Awards 2014

  • 2nd Place – Alternative Fuel Vehicles

  • Honorable Mention – Transportation

A’ Design Award 2013

  • Silver Award – A’ Mobility and Transportation Design Category

Using clean energy, Solar Taxi is designed to provide high-performance service in quiet city centers. In addition to the use of solar energy, the electric vehicle adapts to modern environments with its light, economical, safe and environmentally friendly product identity. Foldable seats allow flexible access to up to 5 passengers, as well as ramp and double doors and wheelchair accessibility. It provides clean energy with solar panels and creates a spacious interior with its panoramic view. The design, which has a transparent outer shell, offers a solid structure. Solar Taxi is suitable for use in city centers and tourist areas, with specifications of 250 kg and below 40 km/s in the framework of universal vehicle norms.