Dongguan Cup 2014

  • Gold Prize – Concept Category

A’ Design Award 2014

  • Golden Award – A’ Energy Products and Devices

International Design Awards 2014

  • 1st Place – Alternative Energy Products

Torchia Solar LED Lamp / Charger is a portable emergency lantern that uses solar energy as the main power source. As a useful lantern, Torchia can meet many needs by adapting to different usage possibilities. Thanks to the four-panel photovoltaic panels, Torchia produces its own energy without the need for another source of energy. In addition to being suitable for outdoor use, it can also charge devices such as USB. Torchia is a light but solid lifeguard designed as a multipurpose tool in A3 paper sizes. Torchia can also be used as a flashlight to alert you to emergencies such as car accidents or natural disasters. Thanks to the foldable piles underneath, the soft floor can be stuck and fixed. The device, which continuously charges itself and generates energy through photovoltaic panels, has double-sided panels with reflective surfaces on one side. It has 7 LED lights with 3.5 watts, 2 batteries with 24 watts DC and 2 USB outputs.