Zero Pixels


European Product Design Award 2018

  • Silver Award – Toy Design/Wooden Toy

Zero Pixels puzzle toy kit is designed as a three-dimensional puzzle game that develops a new playing experience. The gameplay includes different brick parts that fill up a cube and the aim is to leave zero space between the puzzle parts. Within a set, there are 24 different pieces and 240 pieces in total, covered by the cube packaging. There are smaller cubes within the packaging for entry-level difficulty, as filling the larger cube is much more challenging. The gameplay allows single and multiple users, collaboration, and competition. There is a limitless number of solutions to fill the cubes, however, the important part is how to start building and filling them. One move can create a new solution that will compel the players and force them to think outside of the box. The toy aims to develop 3D navigation and thinking abilities and can be used as an educational tool.